You know you ought to have a Customer Advisory Board.
But it seems there’s always a hotter fire burning.

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There’s no argument to be made against the value of engaging with your key customers on a consistent basis. But with all that you already have on your plate, it can be difficult to find the time and the team to make it happen.
With experience and expertise, the Congruity team does the heavy lifting for you. We deliver a professional, engaging, and insightful Customer Advisory Board initiative that delivers extraordinary business value for you and for your customers.

The Congruity Group has helped our clients
build trusting relationships with
decision-makers from the following organizations:

If you’re ready to grow your business by tapping into the minds of your customers, let’s talk.

Here’s where to start:

Step one

Schedule a discovery call

Let’s hop on a virtual call to see if we’re a fit for your Customer Advisory Board initiative.

Step two

Get strategic customer insights

Together we will create an impactful and collaborative advisory board.

Step three

Grow Your Business

With guidance from your key customers, fast-track the growth of your organization.

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Our Clients Regularly Report


  • Retention of customers who serve on their Customer Advisory Board

Double Digit

  • Expansion in revenue-related activity among key accounts

Triple Digit

  • Return on investment of Customer Advisory Board initiative

What Our Clients Are Saying

Juli Clark Headshot

“I have been involved in various advisory boards for Fortune 500 companies and this was one of the most successful board meetings that I have engaged with to date. Congruity’s content, as well as the delivery, shifted our customers’ perception of us from a tactical vendor to a strategic partner. I have never witnessed a board come together as a team of members and partners in such a short period of time.”

Juli Clark, former COO of Boost Engagement
Tim Hinckley Testimonial

“I have attended and hosted CAB meetings for more than a decade, and can attest that The Congruity Group will help you reach a new level of strategic insight.

Congruity helped Radial launch the CAB program and the ROI has been outstanding. As far as I’m concerned, the first two meetings have paid for the next ten years of CAB meetings.”

Tim Hinckley, CCO, Radial

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Our proven approach ensures your customers
value the process as much as you do.

Step number 1

Recruit your “Dream Team” of customer board members.

With your input, we identify the right customers to create the perfect balance for your board.

Step number 2

Execute high-impact, highly-engaging board meetings.

We ensure that your customers gain equal value for participating as an advisor on your board.

Step number 3

Learn strategic insights to help you make critical decisions.

We consolidate customer conversations to provide you with the key insights that matter most.

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“Customer Centricity in a Digital Age.”

– Congruity CEO, Betsy Westhafer

Hear from C-Suite leaders from around the country on the importance of engaging your customer decision-makers when considering critical decisions for your organization.

Customer Engagement that’s guaranteed to help your business grow.