Betsy Westhafer was a guest on the Be Customer Led podcast.  She was joined by Ann Cosfol, the founder of Design Mind Consulting.

A lot of ground is covered in this show, with a particular emphasis on B2B customer experience. Specific topics include:

  1. Creating advisory boards with your customers; not just at the executive level, but also at the user level
  2. UX research and design
  3. Changes in the space as it relates to B2B Customer Experience and why this will come back to haunt B2B companies
  4. The impact of COVID on the acceleration of digital and how it will create confusion in the customer ecosystem; it might be happening too fast
  5. Why we need an “Experience Officer” so we don’t keep drawing a line between employee and customer experience
  6. Normalizing the language of CX to be more business focused and get out of the jargon trap that is hurting our practice

Listen to this great show featuring two industry pros delivering amazing value to the CX community and the companies they work with every day here: Ann Cosfol and Betsy Westhafer run their own consulting practices and we focus on CX/EX in B2B