REALLY Know Your Customer


Growing the company. It’s the CEO’s #1 priority. And yet oftentimes a gap exists between the strategies of the CEO and the demands of customers. This strategic gap slows growth and erodes your competitive edge while exposing your organization to unnecessary risks. By gaining a deep awareness and understanding of this chasm, CEOs can lead the charge to align the strategy, promises and experience to gain customer loyalty and advocacy and eliminate the friction that can open the door for a mass exodus to the competitor. If you’re in the C-Suite and concerned about the growth and velocity of your company, REALLY Know Your Customer is the podcast for you.

Let Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh be your guides to show you how to close the strategic gap that exists between your company and your customers. With insights from experienced executive-level guests, this podcast will change the way you think as a leader and will challenge your views on how to build a winning strategy supported by operations and tactics that leverage your key customer relationships.

Episode Blogs

Episode #19: Developing Clients For Life With Ivy Slater

  In our careers, in some way or another, we are all serving clients. Unfortunately, far too few develop the necessary skills and strategies to develop and keep those clients for life. Ivy Slater joins Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh on today’s podcast to share how you can develop clients for life and discusses the importance of listening to your client with more than just your ears. A professionally certified business coach, speaker, bestselling author, [...]

Episode #18: Understanding What Your Customer Wants At Their Core With Tracy Hazzard

  Building trust with clients is hard enough in any business, but it can be a little bit tougher when you’re working with a broad spectrum of clients. Few businesses deal with a broader clientele than Tracy Hazzard's business does. As the co-founder and CEO of Brandcasters, Inc., the largest podcast post-production company in the US, Tracy deals with people from widely varying backgrounds every day. She has honed the skill of getting to know a [...]

Episode #17: Today Value Is Created Through The Customer’s Transformation with Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh

  The COVID-19 crisis has nudged businesses worldwide to pivot, not only with the pandemic itself but with the changing nature of the economy. As we enter the new decade, we usher in a new economic paradigm – a transformational economy where value creation is most seen in customer transformation. This is an economy where the foundational tenets of client relationships become even more critical to business success. Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh talk at [...]

Episode #16: My Ideal Customer Is The One Who I Can Make Successful With Ross G.D. Fulton

  Making sure you’re delivering value to your customer means knowing who your ideal customer is. In this episode, Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh talk to Ross G.D. Fulton about the ideal customer and the increase of blending customer success and customer experience for value creation. Ross is the Founder and CEO of Valuize, a company that helps B2B software companies retain and expand their customers and revenue at scale. Ross discusses the four phases [...]

Episode #15: Who Your Customers Are And Who They Aren’t With Jay Hornbuckle

  Small businesses typically have a family-like dynamic that is often very crucial to their success. As soon as a business starts to scale and increase their workforce, this family feel is often the first to go out of the window. A professional employer organization helps you keep your employee engagement healthy even as your business grows. Jay Hornbuckle is the Founder and CEO of Abatys, a PEO that helps employers with their HR and [...]

Episode #14: What Support Is Going To Make This Patient Relationship Successful? With Dr. Lauren Munsch Dal Farra

  Much of our healthcare is built upon the transactional framework – the patient comes to the hospital, gets admitted, and is subjected to medication and medical procedures to cure whatever ails them. At PALM Health, an integrative medicine and wellness center in St. Louis, Missouri, clients get to have a whole new experience with its patient-centered philosophy and personalized care that is based on a deep understanding of what the patient needs. Dr. Lauren [...]

Episode #13: Using Better Customer Intelligence To Optimize Services With José A. González

  Customer support is a big driver of customer success in the B2B sphere. In the B2C space, however, things can be more challenging as you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of customers daily. How can you design your customer service program so that it translates into customer success as you scale your business? José A. González, the CEO of Infolink-EXP and founder of Zahoree, joins Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh to explain how his [...]

Episode #12: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 2 With Mark S A Smith

  Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh continue to discuss ways to reduce risk mitigation in Part 2 of their discussion with business growth strategist Mark S A Smith. In this episode, Mark breaks down the eight ways businesses can reduce perceived risk to ensure they are the safest choice. He shows how customers experience purchase risk and helps salespeople understand how they can make the essential pivot in the way they sell. Being safe is [...]

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